Thursday, March 1, 2007

Questions Answered

1. People everywhere want to know: Is the fart in the elevator based on real experience?

Yes. Yes it is. There was no job on the line; merely a struggle between dignity and fair-play. I was leaving work, head, as usual, in the clouds. Alone in the elevator, it happened. Oooo. That's stinky. Lost in my reverie, I forgot to push the button for the first floor. Suddenly, I found the elevator travelling up. Oh no! What could I do? The doors opened to a pack of young men who worked on a different floor. If I left, they would know it was me. If I stayed, they might think that somebody before me did it? And I'd get out of the building sooner. I stayed. Down, down we went, until ding! The elevator stopped on MY floor again. The doors opened and a co-worker stepped on the elevator. As the pack talked with each other, my co-worker took the opportunity to lean over and make a joke about about the stink, gallantly assuming that, of course, I couldn't have been responsible for such an unpleasant odor. Little did he know me. What should I do? Could I allow myself to snicker, knowing full well that I was the one responsible? What would you have done?

2. People everywhere want to know: Who is Cousin Ronnie!? Well, the true secrets of Cousin Ronnie have yet to be revealed, but the actor playing him is actually the brilliant playwright Bixby Eilliot. Check out his theatre company, The Sum of Us , which is about to mount his newest play, Hotel Oracle. Rest assured, you will be seeing more of Cousin Ronnie in the future.

Thanks for watching the shows! Tell all your friends!


Mimi & Flo

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Jessica said...

Mimi and Flo totally rock! And Bixby and Sum of Us do too. Can't wait to see where the adventures of Mimi and Flo lead and am really excited to see Hotel Oracle. (I've been to the readings - it's damn good!)