Wednesday, August 15, 2007

We're on YouTube's Front Page!

We just found out that YouTube is featuring Same Dude!!! We're on the Front Page!

Mimi & Flo


Kristin Cox said...

Hey, I just saw you guys on the front page, watched same dude, loved it. Then I subscribed to your videos, then i went to your website and I think I watched all the "options" and now i'm just waiting for new episodes. I love you two... in an hour I've become your new biggest fan. lol... please keep making these forever.

(My Youtube name is "TheUrbanHomesteaders")

Reed said...

Ha ha. I followed the link from your Youtube video (well done, by the way) Love the show, what a neat and original idea.

danahollis said...

Ditto the above... ;)

So happy to have found you two! What great fun!

Off to watch some more episodes!

jordan said...

TOTALLYYYYYY!!!! You gals rock! I actually thought that you started off "from" youtube! Hahaha! Hilarious! Anyways, I'm glad that I followed the thread from the video of "Same Guy" all the way to your web page. I'm an avid fan!


Lily said...

I can't believe you guys have a few comments. Man you 2 remind me of me and my friend Dona. Gosh. I never go on you tube and took a whim and just watched everything on your page. I can't wait until you guys rule the world. Until then I'll be telling everyone about your videos.

Tracy said...

I'm so glad my friend pointed me in your direction. Really, really fun! Keep up the great work. : )

Candi (Jean Yates) reviews! said...

my kid showed me "same dude" and I love it!!! Now all my readers will check it out! (I have two blogs). This one is the newest. You are hysterical !!!

I love it!!!


semicolon said...

Hi misses. I really love the show, you guys are fun!

I make little sketches with my friend under the name "Freaky Fright Night", we talked about doing a choose-your-own-adventure sketch series on youtube using keywords, like 6 months ago. Found your show a few weeks ago and love it so much I'm not jealous one bit!

We added you on that there My Space dot Com.

Keep up the fun! We love you.