Monday, March 26, 2007

Mimi & Flo on Pop Candy

For all of you that don't know, Pop Candy (Unwrapping pop culture's hip and hidden treasures) is a USA TODAY "Life" (entertainment) column/blog. They apparently have just unwrapped The Mimi & Flo Show; it being one of pop culture's hip and hidden treasures. If you go to Pop Candy, you can see Whitney Matheson's sweet little write-up about the show... right up at the top! She gallantly touches upon one of the finer points of the series, stating "It's nice to see a new serialized comedy enter the online universe -- especially one that features two female leads". Whitney, if you are reading, you are welcome on the show, whenever you have the time. You are so cool! Thank You!
If you are checking this out when it is no longer "new news", here's the Pop Candy Permalink.

In other news, after some demons destroyed our hard-drive, we are back on track editing new episodes! Hooray! We're aiming to have them up towards the end of the last week in April. We can't wait!

Stay tuned and tell all your friends.....

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